Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can You Increase Sales by Exporting?

The Washington Small Business Development Center Export Program focuses on working with new-to-export and new-to-market companies with little or no expertise in international trade. The program has set an ambitious goal of establishing a “Culture of Exporting” across the state within the next two years.
The Washington SBDC recently opened two Export Centers to assist Washington businesses to prepare for or expand their export capabilities. Located in South Seattle and Spokane, each center is staffed with two seasoned trade specialists. These new centers join a statewide network of 24 small business development centers and 26 certified business advisors who provide no-cost small business advising services.

The four trade specialists bring to their work assisting new-to-market businesses several decades of experience in international markets, unique skill sets and many years of living and working abroad. In addition, a group of WSU interns are conducting targeted export market research that will assist SBDC clients as they develop business plans that ensure successful and long-term export activities.

The Export Centers:
• Provide no-cost confidential, in-depth, and long-term one-on-one export advice
• Assist in preparing market and trade research
• Help clients assess their export readiness and determine next steps
• Collaborate with clients to develop a plan that ensures short and long-term exporting success
• Provide or locate additional resources as needed

The Export Web Portal at is also available, featuring the following:
• Extensive research resources that are categorized and link to specific web pages not just websites.
• Export process “mind map” that outlines the process of preparing and executing an export plan. The process includes links to information, outlines, resource documents and partner resources.
• Frequently asked questions “mind map” that leads to specific resources that have the needed information.  

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